Limited studio blocks available each month.

Each block is three hours and begins at 8 a.m., 11 a.m., or 2 p.m. Weekday blocks are $100 and weekend blocks are $125.  You must email to inquire about availability.  

Memberships are $500 per month. We currently have ONE membership spot available.  There is a three month commitment.  

What is a studio share monthly membership?
A monthly studio share membership is an opportunity for you to serve your clients in a studio setting without the overhead over finding and furnishing your own studio. 

What is the cost?
The cost is $500/month with a three month commitment.  If you commit for six months, the monthly cost will be $400.

How many shares are available?
There is a limit of 3 monthly members each month.

What spaces do I have access to shoot in?
The studio room is a light and airy room with grey walls, white curtains, and a white painted floor. There is a queen size bed for your use with white bedding. There is also a white futon couch in that room.  We also have a separate shooting room with seamless paper backdrop and a grey painted floor.  

Do you have separate space for consultations and sales appointments with clients?
Yes! This is available to you when you are a monthly studio member.   Inquire for details. No more noisy coffee-house or living room meetings!

Do you have studio lights available?
Not at this time. You are welcome to bring your own lighting.

How do I pick my blocks?
You'll have access to our online booking system to select which blocks you want.  

Can I bring my own props/backgrounds?
Absolutely! Please treat this as your own and be sure not to damage the walls/flooring. Remember - we are located on the second floor of a building so you must be able to carry your props easily up a flight of stairs.

Are my children allowed to come to work with me?
Because this is our office and studio, we refrain from bringing our young children to keep them from disturbing other photographers who may be shooting or meeting with clients. Obviously if you have booked a block of time and you do not have a client session booked, please bring your child and conduct a photo session with him/her to gain experience of shooting in the space.

What information do I give my clients to prepare them?
Please let them know that they will park on the street (free). They will ring the top doorbell to enter the building. It is your responsibility to be prepared to let your clients in and out. We keep the front door to the building locked as well as the front door to our studio.

The address is 25 E 40th St. It is a two story yellow house with porches. It is located on the corner of E. 40th and Drayton St.

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